Road safety and injury

It is estimated that nearly 1.2 million people die, and between 20 and 50 million are injured or disabled, as a result of road accidents annually, which in turn places great pressure on health systems globally.


  • Margie

    Margie Peden

    • Head of the Global Injury Programme
    • Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College of London
    • Conjoint Senior Lecturer, University of New South Wales, Sydney
    • Co-Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Injury Prevention and Trauma Care
  • Julie Brown

    Associate Professor Julie Brown

    • Program Head, Injury Division, The George Institute Australia
    • Associate Professor, UNSW Sydney
    • Joint Director, Transurban Road Safety Centre at NeuRA
    • Honorary Principal Research Scientist, Injury Prevention Research Centre
  • Jagnoor Jagnoor

    Dr Jagnoor Jagnoor

    • Senior Research Fellow, Injury Division
    • Head, India Injury Division
    • Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW Sydney
    • Honorary Senior Lecturer, School of Public Health University of Sydney and The John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research