Food policy

Eating a high quality diet is vital to good health. Unfortunately, the food environment makes it very difficult to make the right nutritional choices. The George Institute works to minimise this harm by highlighting the adverse effects of diets high in salt, saturated fat and sugar and by undertaking research that supports healthier food choices.


  • Professor Bruce Neal

    • Executive Director, The George Institute, Australia
    • Professor of Medicine, UNSW Sydney
    • Honorary Professor, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney
    • Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, Imperial College London
  • Professor Jacqui Webster

    • Head of Advocacy and Policy Impact
    • Director of World Health Organization Collaborating Centre on Salt Reduction
    • Professor, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW Sydney
  • Alexandra Jones

    • Program Lead - Food Governance
    • Conjoint Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW
  • Yuan Li - 李园

    • Head of Nutrition & Lifestyle Program