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Increasing numbers of people worldwide are suffering life-long disability and dying prematurely due to the ineffective treatment of people with multiple health conditions, a new report suggests. 

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An innovative mobile device-based health app to enable people in India to access essential diabetes care has been launched by The George Institute for Global Health, India.

"Universal health coverage and #HealthForAll is about ensuring that no one is left behind in being able to access quality healthcare. This is particularly pertinent for Australia as we have not realised universal health coverage. To me it is completely unacceptable that we live in one of the richest and well-developed countries in the world and yet our First Peoples continue to experience widespread socioeconomic disadvantage and health inequality compared to other Australians."

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The George Institute has taken part in The Lancet Taskforce on non-communicable diseases (NCDs) which examines the costs and economic interventions that could help reduce the burden of NCDs worldwide.

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A sausage in bread could be considered Australia’s national dish. But with Australians wolfing down 1.1 billion snags a year, containing 1500 tonnes of salt, it’s putting our health at risk.

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An Australian-first study by Cancer Council NSW has revealed that kilojoule content in foods from some of Australia’s top fast food chains have remained the same since menu labelling became compulsory in 2012, despite rising obesity rates. 

The George Institute for Global Health proudly supports a new report, “Kidney Disease in Women: A Call to Action,” calling for targeted gender specific treatment and interventions.

This International Women’s Day, Namrata Nath Kumar presses for progress.


The George Institute congratulates the Australian Government today on its announcement of new initiatives to improve the health of women in Australia.

This International Women’s Day, Jan Muhunthan presses for progress.