OUTcomes Of Older patients with Kidney failure (OUTLOOK) and Treatment modalities for the InfirM ElderLY with end stage kidney disease (TIMELY) – The ELDERLY Program

An increasing number of elderly patients are reaching end-stage kidney disease (ESKD). The outcomes for elderly patients entering dialysis programs are poor, with low survival rates. Also, dialysis is recognised as one of the most expensive health interventions, and the elderly are likely to incur more costs as compared to other patients. Due to this cost burden of dialysis treatment for elderly patients along with poor survival rates there has been an increase in the use of non-dialysis treatment options, referred to as “supportive care”. Despite the growth of supportive care treatment in older patients on dialysis; little is known about the outcomes of elderly patients whether they choose to be managed supportively or by dialysis.

OUTLOOK and TIMELY will identify older patients with ESKD and other existing health issues and track their health status, quality of life, and medical treatment decisions over an extended follow up period. These studies are active in 4 NSW Renal units with plans to expand to additional Australian sites.

The results from these studies will help define the use of both dialysis and supportive care locally and nationally, as well as provide comparable estimates of death and other patient-related outcomes with dialysis and supportive care.