Global Kidney Patients Trials Network

Global Kidney Patients Trials Network (GKPTN)


Kidney disease is recognised as a global health problem due to its increasing prevalence and the high burden it places on individual patients and healthcare budgets. Novel treatments to reduce the risk of kidney and cardiovascular complications are thus highly desired. Innovative approaches are needed, such as structures that facilitate access to trials for interested patients, trial designs that allow the efficient testing of multiple agents and stable infrastructures that facilitate continued research activities by health services.


A fundamental goal of the network is improving patient outcomes by facilitating the generation of evidence in a timely and efficient manner.

Research Methodology:

The Global Kidney Clinical Trials Network is designed to bring trials, including the new master protocol trials, to people living with kidney disease. The Network itself is a prospective, observational registry-style cohort, recruiting people living with kidney disease who are interested in participating in interventional trials, allowing them rapid access to trials as they become available.

The Global Kidney Clinical Trials Network concept has arisen from widespread discussions with clinicians and members of kidney disease organisations about the need for better ways to bring potential participants and trials together. It is hoped and intended that it will belong to and serve the interests of the global kidney disease community. In this spirit, the investigators are liaising with and hope to collaborate with registries and other networks of people with kidney disease. We welcome any enquiries from organisations or individuals.

Current Status:

The cohort is active and recruiting since quarter 1 2020.