Namrata Nath Kumar


Clinical Research Associate

Namrata Nath Kumar is a Clinical Research Associate for the Renal and Metabolic Division. She has worked in the division since 2013, and is passionate about clinical trials to help improve patients’ quality of life. Her work on the SHARP-ER study introduced her to clinical research operations, where she was involved in coordination of site finance, patient surveys and data linkage processes with MBS and PBS datasets. She currently manages sites across Australia and New Zealand for the PRESERVE study, a double-blinded randomised controlled trial in the Cardiology setting. Through this study Namrata has become familiar with HREC and Governance processes across both countries, in addition to investigational product accountability, central labs and safety processes. In 2016 Namrata commenced on the STARRT-AKI study, which has widened her knowledge base to include Intensive Care clinical research. Her monitoring role on this project takes on responsibilities in site feasibility, start-up, initiation, and data management. While learning and growing in the clinical research field, Namrata sees herself pursuing further studies in public health and managing research projects in the near future.