Dr Anna Campain

Anna Campain

Senior Biostatistician Conjoint Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW Sydney

PhD, BSc (Adv Maths)

Dr Anna Campain is a biostatistician with experience in health, medical and bioinformatics research.

She has worked extensively with routinely-collected health data, both linked and non-linked. Anna has a special interest in using routinely-collected health datasets to explore and understand health patterns in high-risk or vulnerable populations to inform treatments, approaches and behaviours. She is passionate about research that will be translated to end-user benefit through changes in clinical guidelines, health policy and resource management.

Joining The George Institute for Global Health in 2018, Anna brings over a decade of experience in applied statistics. As an applied statistician, Anna is passionate about using robust, appropriate and contemporary statistical methods to investigate clinically important research questions. Her experience to date has involved the application of advanced regression methods and machine learning techniques to chronic disease research, the use of accessible data visualisation methods to disseminate findings to a wide research audience, and regional, state and national health program evaluation and impact investigations.