Why work at the George?

We are committed to attracting, developing, rewarding and retaining the best people in their fields to conduct and support our innovative and highest quality research programs.

Our unique Employee Value Proposition summarises our Reputation, our Promise and our Future as an internationally renowned research organisation for both our current and prospective employees.

Why join The George Institute?

Our employees have told us they were initially attracted to join The George Institute by our:

  • Status and standing as a leading, global health organisation
  • Reputation for employing the top performing professionals in their field
  • Track record of producing high impact, quality research in developing countries and in our Indigenous communities
  • Flexibility in the scale and diversity of job opportunities we offer
  • Fun, dynamic and entrepreneurial approach to work

What is it like working with The George Institute?

Once on board with us, our employees have told us they experience:

  • Working with the most motivated and best industry talent who are dedicated to our Mission and Values (*ranking higher than 94% of similar organisations)
  • Amazing teamwork and camaraderie that produces highly regarded results (*ranking higher than 87% of similar organisations)
  • Immense satisfaction from contributing to successful, innovative research that has immediate impact (*ranking higher than 83% of similar organisations)
  • Being part of a proactive, global organisation that embraces collaboration and diversity (*ranking higher than 80% of similar organisations)
  • Enjoying a dynamic work culture that incorporates flexibility and work-life balance (*ranking 79% higher than similar organisations)

What's next for The George Institute?

Driving our global mission is our commitment to our organisational and people management strategies that will deliver continuous improvement to:

  • Our operational polices, systems and processes as the platform for our global expansion
  • A partnership approach with employees to support global career aspirations
  • Programs that recognise, celebrate and reward our high performing talent around the world
  • Inspiring and skilled management to drive success and mentor future leaders
  • Collaborative and engaging global communications

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* Our EVP statistics & qualitative data are taken from our 2014 global employee opinion survey. Our performance is ranked against 2700 organisations across Australia including 40 Universities and 63 biotechnology and pharmaceutical organisations.