Trial Of Prevention Strategies for low back pain (TOPS)

Have you recently recovered from an episode of low back pain? Are you worried about it returning?

To take part in this important research and for more information, please contact the researchers on (02) 9657 0346 or email

The George Institute is conducting a trial to test two promising approaches to back pain prevention. We are looking for participants aged 18 and over from Sydney, Australia whom have recently (within the last three months) recovered from an episode of low back pain. Participation in this study will not cost you anything.

Participants will be randomly allocated (like the flip of a coin) to one of two treatment groups: either an exercise and education program, or to a back care booklet. Participants allocated to the exercise and education group will be asked to attend a group-based exercise and education program for 12 weeks. Participants allocated to the back care booklet group will receive a booklet which includes advice on self-management and prevention of back pain.

Download the Participant Information Statement (PDF)