Rehabilitation Prescription Allowing Improved Injury Recovery (RePAIR)

Globally, over 5 million people die each year following injury. More than one death in every ten occurs in India, where tragedy on the roads, and in workplaces, is increasing. Many survivors are disabled by their injuries, and like Australia, more productive years of life are lost following injury than any other cause. Trauma care systems in India are at nascent stage of development and this research program aims to address some of the challenges in developing a comprehensive trauma care system  in India

A research program involving five Indian hospitals in three cities of Mumbai, New Delhi and Ahmedabad has been funded. The program is led by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi, and Australia’s National Trauma Research Institute (NTRI)

1. Prehospital Notification

2. Real-time telemedicine remote resuscitation advice

3. Institutional quality improvement programs

4. Rehabilitation prescription

Professor Ivers at The George Institute leads the Rehabilitation Prescription component of the program developing home based rehabilitation and using technological advancements including mobile health innovations for improving outcomes post trauma.

[Image: Dr Animesh Biswas]


200 participants recruited for the pilot phase; mobile applications and training manuals being developed.