Dr Zhangyi He

United Kingdom
Jeffrey He portrait photo

Research Fellow in Trial Methodology

Zhangyi He is a Research Fellow in Trial Methodology at the George Institute for Global Health and a visiting researcher at the Imperial Clinical Trials Unit, Imperial College London. He is currently working on the CAPTIVATE trial - a multi-centre chronic kidney disease adaptive platform trial to investigate various agents for therapeutic effects. 

Zhangyi has an MRes in Statistics, a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Bristol, and an MSc in Software Engineering from the University of Oxford. Before joining the George Institute for Global Health, he subsequently held research posts at the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, and Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute. 

Zhangyi's work in clinical trials includes the development of statistical approaches for adaptive trial designs and dose-finding studies in both Bayesian and frequentist frameworks. He is also known for his contributions to developing a series of statistical methods for inferring selection from temporally spaced genetic samples, especially their applications in ancient DNA and experimental evolution studies.