Assoc Prof Ruth Peters

Ruth Peters

Program Lead for Dementia, Global Brain Health Initiative Conjoint Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW

PhD, MSc, BSc Hons

Associate Professor Ruth Peters completed her PhD and NIHR Post-doctoral Fellowship at Imperial College London before relocating to Australia in 2018. Dr Peters' research combines clinical trials, evidence synthesis, and epidemiology to understand and treat risk factors for dementia and frailty. Her work has influenced WHO and national and international clinical practice guidelines, is used by health advocacy bodies and is regularly featured in the media, for example, Study finds evidence lowering blood pressure later in life can cut dementia risk

A/Prof Peters has been awarded >$10 million in research funding, is widely cited and is regularly invited to talk at conferences and scientific meetings. She has a particular passion for the two areas that show the most potential for helping healthy brain ageing, multidomain risk reduction and the treatment of Hypertension.

In multidomain risk reduction, A/Prof Peters is leading the first large multisite trial to test intergenerational practice, a novel multidomain intervention bringing older adults and preschool children together, combining physical activity, cognitive and social engagement to reduce cognitive decline and frailty and co-designed with community members.

In Hypertension, Dr Peters is currently leading an exciting new research stream at The George Institute for Global Health, including innovative clinical trial and evidence synthesis projects in blood pressure lowering, dementia and frailty and has an established international reputation since her early PhD work as cognitive function lead for the award-winning multinational Hypertension in the Very Elderly Trial (HYVETHYVET -COG).