Kristy Law

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PhD candidate

Kristy Law is a PhD Candidate in the Food Policy Division at the Global Institute for Global Health and an accredited practicing dietitian. She is also a Global Health Corps alumni – an international fellowship program that equips emerging leaders to advance health equity.

Through her work, Kristy has significant policy and practice experience in addressing poor nutrition, particularly amongst vulnerable populations. She has managed the development and delivery of nutrition and dietetic services to a variety of community groups including women and families; high-risk youth in New Jersey, USA; and Aboriginal people living in rural and remote Western Australia. She has also led the implementation and monitoring of government policy aimed at creating healthy hospital food environments.

Through her PhD, Kristy will study the topic of ‘Food is Medicine’ – a promising initiative that aims to increase the integration of food and nutrition services into the healthcare system to improve health outcomes, particularly for vulnerable populations. She will examine the feasibility and efficacy of establishing Food is Medicine interventions in the Australian context. Her research aspirations involve undertaking strong-quality research that can inform policy and systems change to improve nutrition and reduce diet-related health inequities in Australia.