Major global study highlights improved

Improving treatment for stroke worldwide

Our ENCHANTED research study investigated the safety of a controversial clot busting drug used to treat the most common form of stroke. The results of the trial involving more than 3000 patients worldwide showed a modified dosage of intravenous rtPA (or alteplase) can reduce serious bleeding in the brain and improve survival rates.

This will change the way the most common form of stroke is treated globally and could save the lives of many tens of thousands of people.

ENCHANTED was rated in the top five clinical studies in Australia in 2016.

Its impact includes:

  • A major influence on guidelines and practice, particularly in Asia where low dose rtPA is preferred
  • The Royal College of Physicians (UK) national guidelines state the modified dose could ‘reduce the early risk  of symptomatic intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH)

More about this research here.