Would you like to take part in a medical research study for prevention of migraine?

You could help discover if migraine can be prevented by blood pressure or cholesterol lowering treatment.

To take part in the study you must:

  • Have more than two migraines a month
  • Be aged between 18 and 65
  • Have had migraine for at least a year
  • Be willing to take medication for 12 weeks
  • And attend RPA Hospital, Camperdown, Liverpool Hospital, NSW, or The Genomics Clinical Trials Centre, Gold Coast, for screening and follow up visits. 

The study is being led by The George Institute for Global Health in Sydney to help find new migraine treatments with fewer side effects.
To find out more please call the toll free number 1800 397 371 or email Emily Comito at ecomito@georgeinstitute.org.au
This project has been approved by the Sydney Local Health District Human Research Ethics Committee: HREC/15/RPAH/554.