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The George Institute launches new podcast on world’s biggest killers: non-communicable diseases and injury

The George Institute for Global Health is delighted to announce the launch of The Scan, a new podcast exploring the latest research, emerging evidence, and progress towards improving health outcomes in non-communicable diseases and injury around the world.

Each episode of The Scan will deep dive into a new area of global health research through interviews with experts on their latest work exploring health challenges facing communities all over the world, in particular those most at risk of being left behind. The podcast will take listeners behind the scenes to explore the most interesting, impactful, and surprising results of our research.

Professor Robyn Norton, Principal Director of The George Institute, said:

“The launch of The Scan marks the latest multimedia offering from The George Institute that at once aims to raise the profile of our critical mission to improve the health of millions of people worldwide, while showcasing our approach – one that is driven by evidence, a focus on impact, thought leadership and advocacy, and a commitment to supporting the most disadvantaged communities.”

The work of The George Institute focuses on preventing the most significant causes of death and disability around the world: non-communicable diseases and injury. This involves work to improve the quality of care worldwide through innovating for better models of care, as well as striving for better treatments. The George Institute aims to improve the health of society generally, by looking at preventative measures, food policy, and planetary health, as well as strengthening health systems while reducing inequality. 

Podcast listeners can expect mini-series of around 20-minute episodes dropping weekly, taking a different focus, whether by location, disease area, or way of working. In the first series, which will be released in April, listeners will join our India team considering how to provide mental health care to people living in rural areas, all while challenging stigma. In the second series, The George Institute joins forces with the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research to consider the challenge of strengthening health systems to provide accessible and equitable primary healthcare, and the role of digital health and medical technology.

Director of Global Communications and Thought Leadership at The George Institute, Richard Mills, said:

“We’re excited to share our knowledge, but we’re just as excited to listen and learn as we tackle some of the toughest and most serious health issues. The Scan is claiming a unique space in the global conversation around health - leading experts offering analysis, rigorous research and probing evidence-based insights.”

You can find all episodes of The Scan on our website here and at your preferred podcast listening channel, including:

Please also share your reactions, and suggestions on what you would like to hear more of, via social media with #TheScanPodcast. Happy listening!