Researchers address strengthening preventive cardiology in HLC editorial

In a recent editorial for a special edition of Heart, Lung and Circulation magazine, Associate Professors Julie Redfern and Clara Chow discuss global impacts of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and prevention methods to achieve the WHO 25% reduction target by 2025.

Redfern and Chow, who attended the World Heart Federation (WHF) conference in March, said that prevention is the key priority of WHF because CVD is the leading cause of death globally.

“Reduction in the burden of CVD can be achieved through strengthening in all areas of prevention including primordial, primary and secondary prevention.

“However disappointingly, despite a substantial research base existing for effective prevention interventions, there is a strikingly large gap at all levels of prevention care.

“Across the globe, researchers are also exploring and developing innovative solutions to address the implementation gap. In Australia, these include the use of poly pills and e-health initiatives such as text messaging and use of smart phone apps.

The special edition of Heart Lung and Circulation provides an important opportunity to focus on prevention and comprises original research and reviews that cover a spectrum of preventive gaps as well as strategies to strengthen it

HLC magazine focuses on preventative cardiology includes papers from ARCA and the Heart Foundation as well as papers focussing on Indigenous health, epidemiology, exercise, diet, medications, health service redesign and many other interesting topics.

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