New research funding to benefit both people and the planet

A new research collaboration led by The George Institute has received $2.5 million in government funding over five years to help transform the food system, improving the health of both people and the planet. This unique initiative will bring together investigators from 12 organisations, four Australian states, and four countries into a Centre of Research Excellence designed to help address the combined health and environmental impacts of the food system.

Lead investigator Professor Simone Pettigrew said that food was the single biggest issue for health on the planet, both in terms of human nutrition and environmental impact.

“High levels of obesity and related illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer highlight the need for consumers to have better access to meaningful nutrition information wherever they buy food,” she said.

“At the same time, the substantial contribution of the food system to climate change means consumers, industry, and governments need information about which products are better or worse for the environment.”

The Healthy Food, Healthy Planet, Healthy People Centre of Research Excellence aims to generate data and insights that will help drive the system-wide changes needed to create a healthier society for all.