NCD Alliance partners with The George Institute for Global Health

The George Institute for Global Health is pleased to announce the launch of a new partnership with the NCD Alliance (NCDA). The partnership will foster dialogue and dissemination of research on evidence-based policy interventions to address noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), and promote knowledge sharing within the global health community.

NCDs are collectively responsible for almost 70% of all deaths worldwide. Addressing NCDs in the era of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) demands both scaling up and uniting advocacy efforts, to ensure real change for those most vulnerable to chronic disease and injury.

In light of the upcoming UN High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) scheduled for September 2019, this new collaboration between NCDA and The George Institute will aim to leverage opportunities for synergistic action around UHC by 2030. Specifically, it will emphasise harnessing women’s perspectives in the context of NCDs, promoting a life-course approach, and exploring cross-cutting methods to address NCD risk factors and associated conditions.

Drawing upon the expertise and extensive research conducted by The George Institute on the determinants of health, this partnership will seek to develop resources to empower NCD advocates to drive progress towards health equity for NCDs on the ground. It will build on the potential of the WHO "Best Buys" and other recommended interventions that have proven successful to tackle NCDs for larger implementation and scale-up, including digital health solutions.

"The George Institute for Global Health and the NCD Alliance share the same commitment to decision-making processes based on robust evidence, and by joining forces we are looking forward to leveraging our strengths to make a difference in the fight against NCDs,” said NCDA CEO Katie Dain.

Professor Robyn Norton, Principal Director of The George Institute for Global Health added, “We believe this partnership will help to ensure that what we learn from our research is used to mobilize leadership and action, with real benefits for the millions of people around the world who are affected by the global epidemic of chronic disease and injury.”

About the NCD Alliance

The NCD Alliance is a unique civil society network, dedicated to improving NCD prevention and control worldwide. Today, our network includes NCDA members, national and regional NCD alliances, over 1,000 member associations of our founding federations, scientific and professional associations, and academic and research institutions. Together with strategic partners, including WHO, the UN and governments, NCDA is uniquely positioned to transform the global fight against NCDs through its core functions of global advocacy, accountability, capacity development and knowledge exchange. To learn more, visit

About The George Institute for Global Health

The George Institute for Global Health is a health and medical research institute whose mission is to improve the health of millions of people worldwide. We will achieve this by: 1) providing the best evidence to guide critical health decisions; 2) engaging with decision makers to enact real change; 3) targeting global epidemics, particularly of chronic diseases and injury; and 4) focusing on vulnerable populations in both rich and poor countries.