Cook for a Cure

Every Australian will be affected by a serious illness in some way throughout their lives either personally or through friends and family. By participating in Cook for a Cure, Australians have the opportunity to support the prevention, treatment, care and ultimately cure for diseases affecting the Australian community.

Now in its third year, Cook for a Cure is an initiative designed to educate Australians about the importance and value of health and medical research in Australia.

To participate in Cook for a Cure, you are invited to host a meal for colleagues, friends and family, in a bid to educate and garner support for health and medical research.

This year Cook for a Cure is supporting The George Institute’s ground breaking stroke research – aiming to save lives and reduce disability in stroke survivors.

Stroke is the second biggest cause of death in our community and a major cause of disability for those that survive. The George Institute’s researchers have shown that early and intensive lowering of a stroke survivor’s blood pressure can prevent major disability and improve the chances of recovery by up to 20 percent.  

Through Cook for a Cure, we are hoping to raise funds to assist us to continue our stroke research - working with hospital emergency departments to administer blood pressure lowering medication to stroke victims sooner rather than later, reducing the risk of disability.  We hope this important research will provide a major leap forward in the care of stroke patients in Australia and around the world.

Find out more about how you can support The George Institute and Cook for a Cure.