Anne Tiedemann wins NHMRC Research Excellence Award

Congratulations to The George Institute's Associate Professor Anne Tiedemann who was lauded at the annual NHMRC Research Excellence Awards Dinner in Canberra last night (July 13).

A/ Prof Tiedemann was awarded a Research Excellence Award for being the top ranked applicant in the Population Health - Level 1 category of the Career Development Fellowship (CDF) scheme in 2015.

Professor Cathie Sherrington, Deputy Director, of the Musculoskeletal Division, said: “I am so pleased that Anne's important work and future potential has been acknowledged in this way.

What makes this achievement even more notable is that A/ Prof Tiedemann has worked part-time since finishing her PhD in 2007 and is the mother of two children aged nine and 11.

A/ Prof Tiedemann said: “There are people out there who don’t think you can be a successful researcher if you work part-time. This award demonstrates the importance of employers that support flexible working arrangements so that parents can combine research and caring responsibilities.

“It’s great to have this recognition and the funding support that will allow me to continue the research that I am so passionate about.”

Professor Jane Latimer, Principal Research Fellow at The George Institute, added: “The highest quality research will occur when men and women are equally represented within the fellowship systems. Only then will we know we have accessed all the best talent that Australia has to offer.”

The NHMRC now takes into account career disruptions – which includes having a family – which The George Institute hopes will encourage more women to apply for fellowships.

The fellowship funding will allow A/ Prof Tiedemann to establish herself as an independent researcher evaluating exercise-based strategies to prevent falls and promote healthy ageing.

Around 500 people apply for CDFs each year but only around 11 per cent are successful with funding typically going to those who in the last five years have published an average of 17 peer reviewed journals, led their own research group and presented at international meetings at least twice.

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Anne Tiedemann (back row, third from left) at the NHMRC Research Excellence Awards Dinner.