The George Institute welcomes the Government’s continued commitment to medical research

The George Institute for Global Health today issued the following statement from Executive Director Vlado Perkovic.

“We at The George Institute welcome the Government’s strong commitment to the Medical Research Future Fund.

The Government has shown great foresight in recognising that Australia’s world class medical research organisations can and must play an expanded role in contributing to health and medical advances that will benefit all Australians.

The MRFF is an amazing gift to future generations that will provide huge benefits for decades to come.

Healthcare touches every Australian family, every Australian community, and the kind of world class medical research the MRFF will support will ensure top notch and efficient healthcare for Australia.

A particular focus must be to ensure quality access for the vulnerable and disadvantaged. We commend the Government for taking on board concerns from the community about how the funding proposal affects children, pensioners, concession card holds and other vulnerable Australians.

The debate over the funding mechanisms is an important one; we must ensure the Australian health system is sustainable. We hope this is the beginning of a broader discussion of strategies to improve quality and efficiency. We will closely study the current proposals and look forward to the continued discussions and debate.”


Maya Kay
Communications Manager, Australia
+61 424 195 878