Statement on Nestle and Health Star Rating

Nestle announced today the removal of its controversial 4.5 Health Star Rating for Milo pending the outcome of the Federal Government’s review of the HSR system.

The decision which only affects Milo powder has been welcomed by The George Institute for Global Health.

Public Health Lawyer Alexandra Jones said: “This is a good move from Nestle and great first step in strengthening Health Stars.  The old display of 4.5 Health Stars for Milo was against the spirit, if not the letter, of the system.

“Our research shows Health Stars is a world leading system and gets it right in the vast majority of cases. This result will help to restore trust in those products that are using the system correctly. It ensures that Health Star Ratings work for consumers, not just food companies.

“We welcome the ongoing work being done in the Government’s five year review. Other issues being considered include whether added sugar should be included in the Health Stars scoring system – our research suggests this would make it work even better.  Ultimately we’d like to see Health Stars on all products, this would make it far easier for consumers to make healthier choices.”