Making sure all Australians have access to the care they need: response to Australia's Federal Budget

Statement from Executive Director, The George Institute Australia, Professor Vlado Perkovic.

“The George Institute welcomes the increased investment in the health system and in preventative health care so all Australians have access to the care they need.

“Health Care Homes, a national opt-out My Health Record, cheaper medicines and new approaches to funding healthcare are integral to an equitable and 21st century health system.  

“Encouraging prescriptions of generic medicines is a simple measure to reduce costs and improve outcomes as savings are invested back into the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

“Innovative measures like these are critical to a sustainable PBS and Medicare system that ensures all Australians have access to life saving medicines and treatments.

“We also congratulate the Government on removing the Medicare freeze to better support those who are working every day with patients, and commend the investment in tackling obesity through the Healthy Heart initiative and ensuring the highest standard of care through the Medicare Benefits Schedule Review.

"It's also very encouraging to see that the funding gap for the NDIS will be closed. This will ensure the needs of people living with disability will be met and protected in the future.

“We look forward to seeing all of these measures successfully implemented for the benefit of all Australians, today and in the future.”

“We support the Government’s commitment to global security and focus on engagement in the Indo-Pacific region. We appreciate the budgetary pressures, but we are concerned the freeze on aid spending is a missed opportunity and will have dire impact on global health and national security.

“Our neighbouring nations, particularly in the Pacific, bear some of the highest burdens of chronic disease in the world. Investments in programs in the region have significant humanitarian and strategic value for Australia.

“Value for money is inherently the right goal, and we look forward to working with the Government to develop ideas and programs to deliver the best value outcomes from Australian health aid.”

See our statement in response to research measures in the Federal Budget 2017/2018.