Leading institute academics receive Future Fellowship grants

Three leading academics from The George Institute for Global Health have been awarded Australian Research Council ‘Future Fellowship’ grants to cover four years of work in their areas of expertise.

Professor Chris Maher, Director of The George Institute’s Musculoskeletal division has been awarded just over $900,000 to establish a program of back pain research within an inter-disciplinary research centre focused on the prevention and management of physical disability.

Professor Bruce Neal, The George Institute’s  Senior Director for Research and Development has been awarded just over $800,000 to establish research that aims to identify mechanisms by which to improve the quality of the Australian food supply. The findings will have the potential to inform government and industry policies on healthier foods with the aim of decreasing chronic disease.

George Institute Senior Research Fellow, Dr Hisatomi Arima, has been awarded just over $600,000 to establish a project that will attempt to prevent stroke and heart attack and to improve quality of life by exploring better management of high blood pressure.

The Future Fellowship fund was established by the Australian Government in 2009 and aims to bring the best minds from around the globe to strengthen Australia’s research capacity.

Commenting on the grants, Professor Robyn Norton, Principal Director of The George Institute, said, “I am delighted for Chris, Bruce and Hisatomi. These grants will enable several programs of research that have the potential to improve the lives of millions of Australians.”