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The ABC has featured George Institute researchers Professor Cathie Sherrington and Dr Leanne Hassett and their innovative AMOUNT trial. 

The Asia Pacific Cardio Renal Forum was held in Sydney on the 8th and 9th of May, and was a chance for cardio-renal professionals and experts in the Asia-Pacific region to address management methods and the association between, chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.                                                

PEDro, the world-leading Physiotherapy Evidence Database, was featured at the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) Congress in Singapore.

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This year  World Hypertension Day’s theme is ‘Know Your Numbers’, and encourages people to be aware of how high blood pressure can affect your health, and cause conditions like preventable stroke, heart disease and kidney disease.

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The lives of 800 Victorians can be saved every year if people reduce their salt intake by less than a teaspoon a day, according to new research by The George Institute for Global Health.

The George Institute for Global Health welcomes the Federal Government’s commitment to the Medical Research Future Fund that was announced in the Budget.

Kate Hunter is a Senior Research Fellow in the Injury Division at The George Institute, has over ten years’ experience in injury prevention research and has produced several reports and guidelines for government and non-government organisations. Kate is a recipient of a Poche Centre for Indigenous Health Postdoctoral Research Fellowship.

“My PhD means a significant achievement not only for me, but for my family and the many Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities that I interviewed and who were involved in my PhD research. To them all, I am indebted.”

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Parents, governments and businesses are being urged to do more to #SaveKidsLives during UN Global Road Safety week, this week.

In a recent editorial for a special edition of Heart, Lung and Circulation magazine, Associate Professors Julie Redfern and Clara Chow discuss global impacts of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and prevention methods to achieve the WHO 25% reduction target by 2025.