AV Challenge

Autonomous Vehicles Ideas Challenge: Bright minds applying AV technology to improve lives

Autonomous Vehicle (AV) technology is expected to bring numerous benefits to society, including fewer traffic accidents, less pollution, reduced congestion, and greater mobility for people who are unable to drive. There are likely to be many other mechanisms by which AVs could make our lives better that have yet to be explored.

There will also be challenges to overcome if AV technology is to achieve its potential across a broad range of health outcomes, including those relating to heart health. Ways will need to be found to help people be active and consume healthy diets despite door-to-door transport and drone-delivered junk food, for example. To ensure the benefits of autonomous vehicles are maximised, new ideas are needed to leverage the opportunities presented by AVs across a broad range of health-related lifestyle behaviours. The George Institute for Global Health is therefore inviting novel ideas that harness AV technology to improve heart health by launching an Ideas Challenge.

The Ideas Challenge is an exciting opportunity for innovators around the world to come up with solutions to optimise the use of AVs to improve health outcomes. It will motivate bright minds to develop innovative concepts to capitalise on AV technology to benefit cardiovascular outcomes. This could include, but is not limited to, addressing risk factors such as physical inactivity, poor diet, and obesity.

Inviting sponsors

Novel, creative, and unconventional ideas are encouraged. We aim to raise a minimum of A$200,000 to be distributed across three prizes, with The George Institute making an initial contribution of A$50,000. We are inviting interested sponsors to add to the prize pool to incentivise talented individuals or teams to develop ideas for health-promoting AVs. Sponsors will have the opportunity to assist in judging the submissions and enabling winning applicants to advance their ideas. They will figure prominently in all promotional materials. 

More details on the sponsorship terms and conditions can be found here. For further questions, please contact Simone Pettigrew (Program Director, Health Promotion and Behaviour Change, The George Institute for Global Health):

Email: SPettigrew@georgeinstitute.org.au

Phone: +61 (0)2 8052 4624

Mobile: +61 (0)428 888 202