The George Institute For Global Health
United Kingdom

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"More and more, I think people are realising that this light-touch but personal-touch support can help people to change behaviours, which is fundamental to a lot of chronic health conditions these days."

"The opportunity to make a tangible difference to health outcomes, especially for people and communities that have inequitable access to health care, was the major driver for working at the George."

Meet Karena Conroy, Head of Commissioned Research at The George Institute for Global Health

"PhD students are the future leaders in our field and it is a privilege to work with students over a three year period on a dedicated project."

"Excess salt consumption increases blood pressure which is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Therefore we need strategies to reduce salt intake especially in populations at high risk of cardiovascular disease."

"There are plenty of ways that communication can be harnessed and lifted to make tangible improvements in health outcomes. Everyone is geared for it, just not geared up to do it well – it’s a human condition that we can all work together on."

"We urgently need to move away from archaic models of care and work out what an optimal, 21st century healthcare system looks like."

"The highlight is having the opportunity to travel to, meet and work with different communities. Learning more about Australian Aboriginal culture has been an incredible experience."

"The BMJ is keen to see a world in which every person and country has access to information about health, health care and social determinants of health that they need to protect their own health and the health of the people for whom they take responsibility."

"A lot of clinicians commonly choose Pilates as a method for treating back pain, and patients like this exercise method, so I thought this review would help these people make better choices."