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Profile stories

Parisa Glass has worked in research operations and business for over 15 years. She joined The George Institute for Global Health 10 years ago after completing her PhD in biomedical sciences.

Jan Shanthosh is a public health lawyer who works at the intersection of health systems and human rights, including Indigenous health, community health worker rights, and non-communicable disease prevention. She joined The George Institute for Global Health five years ago and holds a concurrent position as Academic Lead of the health and human rights research program at The Australian Human Rights Institute, UNSW.

Anna Palagyi is a health systems scientist specialising in strengthening the health systems of low- and middle-income countries, particularly across the Asia-Pacific region. With over 15 years’ experience, Anna joined The George Institute for Global Health six years ago to continue her work on improving population health.

Christine Jenkins is a thoracic physician with clinical and research interest in airways diseases, in particular how to improve treatments for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma. She joined The George Institute for Global Health in 2012 following a 25-year career of designing and implementing clinical trials.

Lawyer and public health researcher Alexandra Jones traded the promise of a career in a large corporate firm to use law to promote public health, joining The George Institute for Global Health four years ago.

Anne Marie Eades

Anne-Marie Eades is an Aboriginal woman, public health and health service researcher specialising in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women’s health and wellbeing. Following a 30-year career in health, 19 of which focussed on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, she joined The George Institute for Global Health in 2011.

Robyn Norton IWD

Robyn Norton began conducting research on how best to prevent and manage injuries 30 years ago. Her passion and dedication to improving the health of communities globally led her to establish The George Institute for Global Health 20 years ago.

Medhavi Gupta is a PhD student, currently undertaking her research at The George Institute for Global Health, Injury division. Her research focus is on drowning prevention, in particular, the development and evaluation of drowning reduction programs in Bangladesh and India.

[Image (Left to Right): Tamara Mackean, Marlene Longbottom (UOW), Keziah Bennett-Brook, Patricia Cullen.]

A profile piece with Tamara Mackean and Patricia Cullen for International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 2018

Lisa Dillon joined the George Institute in May 2016 as a PhD Candidate with the Injury Division. Lisa is also an Orientation and Mobility Specialist, teaching individuals of all ages with vision impairment to travel safely, confidently and independently in their environment. Previously, Lisa has worked with adults who have sustained injury due to workplace incidents return to work and remain independent.