The George Institute For Global Health
United Kingdom

Close the gap in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health

Philanthropy has a critical role to play helping the George Institute close the gap in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. As a leading global public health research institute, we have been successful in acquiring support for a number of our research projects, however there are areas where funding is greatly needed.

Appoint a Chair of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health

We believe the appointment of an Indigenous leader to drive our close the gap commitment is crucial. Mentoring staff, engagingly deeply with communities and advocating for the best and most culturally-appropriate medical treatments for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, this position is fundamental to our research and capacity building initiatives. To appoint the Chair of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research, we ask that you consider investing $250,000 per year over a three year period.

Provide scholarships to talented Indigenous researchers

With medical research funding increasingly competitive, scholarships are often sacrificed to cover basic project costs. To honour our commitment to building the capacity of Indigenous researchers we ask that you support Indigenous PhD scholarships. A gift of $45,000 a year over three years will allow the Institute to appoint talented Indigenous scholars, supporting them to complete doctoral studies in public health and giving them access to supervision by global leaders in medical research.

Fund individual research projects

Beyond supporting capacity building initiatives, we have an urgent need to find funding for existing research projects. Led by internationally recognised leaders in public health, our projects have been successful in acquiring funding for the majority of activity, but critical gaps still exist within each project area. Projects in need of urgent support include:

  • Driving Change: $15,000 in each six project sites to purchase a car to provide driving lessons for young Indigenous people.
  • Depression Screening Tool: $30,000 to provide field researchers with access with basic telecommunications equipment.