Mary Anne Land



Dr Land is an honorary fellow at The George Institute for Global Health, University of Sydney and has been appointed as an Executive Officer at the World Health Organization, Switzerland.

At the World Health Organization Dr Land is devoted to working across a breadth of health topics and leading organizational processes. She also sits upon the editorial advisory board of the WHO Bulletin.

While at The George Institute, Dr Land completed her PhD on population sodium reduction strategies and authored several international publications on sodium reduction and iodine fortification strategies under the supervision of Professor Bruce Neal, Senior Director. During her candidature Dr Land was responsible for the organisation, implementation and analysis of a five year National Health and Medical Research Council funded Partnership Project – Reducing salt in the Australian diet. The research reaffirmed the need for ongoing salt reduction in Australia and demonstrated that a community-based intervention can have a significant impact on decreasing population salt consumption.

Dr Land was awarded the 2014 World Hypertension League Notable Achievement in Dietary Salt Reduction and continues to advocate for salt reduction and iodine fortification.