Global ideas for global health

Global ideas for global health

Two of The George Institute's experts will be speaking at a major public forum next month that will explore new ideas and innovations in global health.

Professor Bruce Neal, Senior Director of the Food Policy Division, and Dr Tracey Laba, Research Fellow in Health Economics, were specially invited to appear at the 2015 Global Ideas Forum in Melbourne, Australia. The Forum is an annual event aimed at bringing together people from different fields to present and collaborate on new solutions to global health problems. Being a public event, it is open not just to established experts but to all people interested in the issues.

Professor Neal was invited for his work on environmental determinants of high blood pressure and how changes in the food supply can be used to improve health. He said: "Events like the Global Ideas Forum are valuable opportunities for the public to engage with important issues like global health. Health affects everyone, so it's critical that the community has access to and can take part in these conversations."

Dr Laba was invited for her work on the translation of high-value, affordable healthcare interventions for chronic non-communicable diseases, with a particular focus on equity in the health system. She said: "It's always exciting to be invited to these events. Researchers can't do their jobs if they aren't in touch with what's happening out there in the community, so speaking at the Forum will benefit the speakers just as much as the audience."

The 2015 Global Ideas Forum will be held on 23 to 25 October at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Tickets, program and biographies of all the speakers are available at