Australian physiotherapy online resource celebrates 15 years as global leader

PEDro, the world-leading Physiotherapy Evidence Database, was featured at the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) Congress in Singapore.

PEDro recently celebrated 15 years of being the largest physiotherapy specific evidence resource, containing 30,000+ reports of guidelines, reviews and trials.

PEDro Manager Anne Moseley of The George Institute for Global Health and the University of Sydney said “The Congress was a great way to share PEDro with physiotherapists world-wide.

“We are proud to say that PEDro is used in over 200 countries and has answered 13-million clinical questions in the last 15 years.

PEDro is used in physiotherapy practice, education and research.

To give rapid access to high-quality clinical research about the effects of physiotherapy interventions, PEDro only indexes research reports which use the best methods for evaluating intervention, specifically evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, systematic reviews, and randomised controlled trials.

“This is really useful for clinicians, as guidelines synthesise the evidence for the management of a health condition and provide clear recommendations to guide decisions about appropriate health care” Anne Moseley said.

PEDro is a WCPT partner and is kept up-to-date because of the generosity of WCPT Member Organisations. PEDro is supported by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (Foundation Partner), the American Physical Therapy Association (Major Partner), the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (Partner), and the WCPT Member Organisation from 37 other countries (Association Partners).

PEDro ( is:

  • Free to anyone with internet access
  • Indexes reports of > 30,000 guidelines, trials and reviews
  • All trial reports are rated for quality using the PEDro scale to quickly guide users to trials which are more likely to be valid and contain sufficient information to guide clinical practice
  • Home-page available in 11 languages in order to breakdown barriers to accessing evidence
  • Monthly updates provide rapid access to high-quality evidence in each area of physiotherapy