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Only once before in the history of the United Nations, has the General Assembly focused on a health issue, the global response to HIV/AIDS, and while challenges remain, such actions had a substantial impact. Ten years later the General Assembly has called on heads of state to stand tall against the onslaught of non-communicable disease.

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Senior Director of The George Institute for Global Health, Professor Alan Cass, today welcomed news from the National Health and Medical Research Council of a 2012 Medical Scholarship for an end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) researcher.

New research has shown that stroke patients are half as likely to have been prescribed preventative treatment that may reduce the risk of a repeat event, compared to patients with coronary artery disease.

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Health systems across Australia are failing cardiac patients, with leading specialists estimating 51,000 heart attacks and 962 strokes each year may be prevented if people receive and take-up better follow-up care.

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A new international report on the impact of scientific research has named Sydney’s George Institute for Global Health as the organisation whose publications have had the greatest recent worldwide impact.

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Have you broken your leg or pelvis due to a fall in the past two years? Would you like to receive advice on exercise, safety and ways to protect yourself against future falls? Are you interested in improving your walking ability as well as supporting a research study into post-fracture exercise programs?

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Leading researchers into chronic disease from The George Institute for Global Health today issued five simple guidelines for Australians to follow to avoid developing type 2 diabetes.

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A new study into the burden of Type II diabetes-related mortality in the Asia-Pacific region shows between 9 and 98 per cent of diabetes deaths could be prevented by tackling higher-than-optimal body mass index (BMI).

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Leading global and Australian injury prevention specialists will meet in Brisbane today to share their latest research and safety promotion strategies.

In a landscape where the leading causes of deat h have changed dramatically over the past decade, Indian and Australian researchers have a leading role in a series of pivotal global cardiovascular care trials of inexpensive ‘PolyPills’ for the prevention of heart disease and stroke.