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A new study has found that families in China face considerable economic hardship following stroke, and it is not uncommon for health care costs to push families below the poverty line. The large study shows over 70% of stroke survivors in China experience a catastrophic impact on their financial situation due to loss of income and cost of health care.

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The current practice of intensively lowering blood glucose in critically ill patients increases the risk of death by 10%. Results of the largest trial of intensive glucose lowering in critically ill patients published today in The New England Journal of Medicine indicate that international clinical guidelines need urgent review.

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Health aid contributes 60% of funding to the Solomon Islands. The Islands have considerable health concerns including a double burden of both infectious and chronic diseases. This, coupled with damages from natural disasters, political instability and tensions between ethnic groups means most Islands in the Pacific, rely heavily on donations and externally funded programs. According to Australian research conducted in the Solomon Islands, simple cooperation between agencies and local governments is the key to good health care aid.

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A new analysis from the largest study of type 2 diabetes treatments has shown that while atrial fibrillation (irregular heart beat) is relatively common in patients with type 2 diabetes and substantially increases risk of death, these patients can be better protected against death by intensive blood pressure lowering treatment. The findings are published today in the European Heart Journal.

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For the first time, Australian researchers at The George Institute have identified that blood pressure lowering treatment significantly reduces the risk of death for dialysis patients, as published online today in the Lancet.

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A combination of two blood pressure lowering treatments has significantly reduced the risk of kidney disease among patients with type 2 diabetes. The findings, reported by The George Institute for Global Health reveal that blood pressure lowering is beneficial to all patients with diabetes, even for patients with normal blood pressure levels.

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Results of a new survey show that many fast food meals contain far more salt than the government’s recommended daily maximum. Published today by the Australian Division of World Action on Salt and Health (AWASH) the survey reviewed salt levels in a range of foods sold by six major fast food chains (KFC, Hungry Jack’s, Oporto, Red Rooster, Subway and McDonald’s). Most products contained excessive quantities of salt.

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The first survey of global public and private investment into R&D for new products for neglected diseases has found that funding was over US$ 2.5 billion in 2007.

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On Wednesday 4 February 2009, The George Institute will announce the first-year results of an international survey reviewing global public and private investment into R&D for new products for neglected diseases.