Statement on new funding to boost translation of medical research

The George Institute welcomes new funding for Advanced Health Research and Translation Centres, SPHERE and Sydney Health Partners, to boost translation of medical research into better health outcomes.

The funding of $12.2 million from the Medical Research Future Fund will enable critical collaborative research projects and partnerships and build research capacity in a number of areas, including clinical trials, data, and health systems.

Dr Parisa Glass, Director of Operations, The George Institute, Australia, said the much needed funding will fast track research and innovation that can improve clinical practice and benefit all Australians.

“The tremendous potential of the Medical Research Future Fund to impact health outcomes and create a quality health system is apparent through announcements like today,” said Dr Glass.

“Advanced Health Research and Translation Centres have an important role to play in transforming health outcomes and contributing to clinical practice innovation that can have long lasting impact for years to come.”

The George Institute is proud to be collaborating with both Sydney Health Partners and SPHERE to create a healthy Australia.