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The George Institute for Global Health has called for a plan to reduce energy, salt and saturated fat in all fast food at a Fast Food Forum, held today by the New South Wales Government.

The launch of a world first trial for motorcyclists was launched in June in Victoria, Australia. The VicRide: on-road coaching program provides on-road coaching for newly licensed riders. The George Institute will be independently evaluating this program, to determine the true benefits of on-road coaching for novice riders.

The number of people dying from smoking-related lung cancer over the next two decades is expected to double, if current smoking habits in Asia remain unchanged.

Indian and Australian health and road safety experts convened in Sydney, Australia this week to address the rising burden of road traffic injuries in India.

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) is an umbrella term that describes a range of conditions arising from prenatal exposure to alcohol, which can cause life-long damage to the brain. FASD is 100% preventable. However, the legacy of alcohol use during pregnancy - namely the number of children affected by FASD - remains largely unknown.

Media release: 

Indian and Australian health and road safety experts will convene in Sydney, Australia this week to address the rising burden of road traffic injuries in India.

Media release: 

International health and medical experts attended the Medical Innovation 2010 Conference in March, hosted by The George Institute in partnership with University of Oxford Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Saïd Business School).

Worldwide, more people die from cardiovascular disease than any other cause.  Alongside smoking, this is predominantly due to high blood pressure, which alone claims more than seven million lives annually.

At least one third of people aged 65 and older fall at least once per year. As someone who enjoys the company of older people and is passionate about exercise, Cathie believes for an ageing population, physical activity is the key.

Stroke occurs abruptly and often with devastating consequences. In a new study, The George Institute Director, Professor Craig Anderson, and his colleagues found that an uncommon but particularly devastating form of stroke affecting younger people has no links to stress – contrary to common perception.